Logic, according to Albert Einstein, is a highly organised method for going wrong in style.

When logic implied the possibility to feed people via energy transmissions, I decided to go down this road and created a series of experiments aimed at finding the precise method.

As you can read on the Serendipity and Sirius pages, barking up this “wrong tree” lead to a discovery of even greater importance than that which we had been attempting to achieve.

What we discovered was nothing less than the source of mankind’s lost power and how to access it!

This, we have called “The Light Pillar of Life” because that is a pretty accurate description of what it looks like.

So what, exactly, is it?

The Light Pillar of Life is your personal power pack, your energy accumulator.

It is a part of your self which became detached when the world energy levels were too low for it to function. As the world energy level is now constantly rising (see the Sirius page) it has become possible to bring back your personal Light Pillar and re-connect it to you. This re-connection is permanent.

Not only does your Light Pillar supply you with sufficient energy to do everything that you want (see both the Serendipity and the Sirius pages for more detail) it will also supply you with information out of the universal fields. What this looks like is that, when you need to find something out, you will just suddenly know it. This is just a natural aspect of the resonance principle perhaps best explained in “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

You can also use your Light Pillar to find rapid solutions to any problem.

Healing meditations can also be given to your Light Pillar to run on “autopilot”.

On top of this, it turns out that many people, shortly after they, themselves, have received it, can easily give it to others. This means that the numbers of people who receive the Light Pillar of Life can grow very rapidly and “The Hundredth Monkey Effect”*** can be quickly reached.

Chirada and I have decided to teach the Light Pillar of Life to as many people as possible and, to this end, to give as many seminars as possible. Our intent is at least four seminars each month and we are willing to travel almost anywhere to do so.

If you (and your friends) would like to have a seminar in your town then just find us a quiet, sunny room with comfortable chairs for 30 – 50 people. Find out when the room will be free during the following three months and send us the details. We will, then, build your town into our tour programme.

To date, almost all seminars have taken place in private rooms in good restaurants. These always have comfortable chairs and food and drink are, of course, available. As the proprietor reckons on kitchen turnover, such rooms are, in most cases, available at a very low rental – three times free of charge! “Special” rooms such as yoga schools and similar are mostly not appropriate.

A seminar will, normally, begin at 10.00 o’clock and the main part goes on until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon (dependent upon the size of the group). The last hour is reserved for those who, themselves, wish to give the Light Pillar to others.

Seminars can be given either in English or German. For other languages, you must find us a translator.

*** “The Hundredth Monkey”, a book by Ken Keyes Jr. describes an experiment with monkeys on the small islands south of Japan. The experiment consisted of daily giving each monkey a handful of rice mixed with sand. How would the monkeys separate these?

Initially, each monkey had laboriously picked the rice corns one by one out of the sand; with the exception of one young female. She took her handful to a small pool and threw it in. Immediately, the sand sank but the rice floated. This, she gathered in and ate. Gradually, more and more of the (mostly young ones) monkeys copied her until, suddenly, one day all of the monkeys separated their rice from the sand in this way, INCLUDING THE MONKEYS ON NEIGHBOURING ISLANDS WHO HAD NEVER SEEN IT BEING DONE!

A few years later, Dr Rupert Sheldrake codified this with his Morpho-Genetic Field Theory.

The Light Pillar of Life
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