Seminar Details and Calendar

The very first seminar took place on the 28th October 2017 in Austria. Since then, many more have taken place also in Germany and Switzerland.

At this moment, no seminars are planned in English, only in the German language.
Recent experiments, however, have shown that it is now possible to reconnect the Light Pillars via the internet.
The first seminars are currently being prepared.

To date, most seminars have taken place in “party rooms” of good restaurants. These always have comfortable chairs and teas/coffees and lunch are at hand. It is often the case that the proprietor / proprietrix will offer reduced room rental charges in expectation of making good turnover for the restaurant.

People who help me by finding good rooms and help with the organisation are invited to partake of the seminar without cost.

A seminar begins at 10.00 and runs until about 4.00 p.m., dependent upon the size of the group. The final hour is reserved for those wishing to learn how to re-connect others with their Light Pillar.

Those for whom it is no problem will pay £80.00 to participate in a seminar. If this is outside of your means, send me an Email with your offer; the objective is to spread the knowledge but we have to cover the costs. Much of what I earn over and above living costs is used to support families in Germany and Thailand who would, otherwise, be in very dire straits.

The Light Pillar of Life
Dates and places 2019

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