Serendipity is one of my favourite words and means, “to discover something of overwhelming importance whilst strenuously attempting to do some completely different.”

With the first successful experiment, an unforeseen aspect of human presence was opened. This has the form of an energy pillar about 20 cm (8 inches) in diameter which runs behind the entire spine and above the head.

Just like the spinal cord which has many branches and spreads out to reach almost every cell of your body, the Light Pillar of Life has a similar structure but this reaches into the universe.

For a week nothing further happened; the pillar was just “there”. Then it moved into the body and began to change things. All sorts of processes – but mostly detoxification process which had been held up by lack of energy – finally began to move. Old, physical weaknesses and injuries were “reprocessed” and were, then, gone.

When you take note that the Light Pillar of Life mostly just removes all energy deficiencies, then this should be no surprise. You can read more on this under the “What do I get” tab.

It is probable that the first few days following the entry of the Light Pillar into your body will be somewhat uncomfortable as detoxification processes take place.

After this second period, the Pillar moves a little backwards and remains half in your spine and half behind you in the universe.

Experience to date is that the overwhelming majority of participants will grasp how it is done and be able to bring other people their own Light Pillar. With all that we have experienced it is clear that this something of great importance for the whole of humanity.

The seminars are, however, not just “once and gone”, there will be regular webinars so that everyone can keep going forward.

We have also several times experienced that couples who take part in the seminar together have stronger reactions and develop faster than singles. This makes, of course, complete sense as their energy and information systems are intertwined so that they, in effect, push each other forwards.

I have, further, a strong suspicion that women with their Light Pillar restored to them will give birth to children with intact Light Pillars. To date, no-one has actually done this nor, in the short time since the first seminar on the 28th October 2017, would it have been physically possible so this, remains, at the moment, an assumption. What is already clear is an increase in both potency and fertility.

The Light Pillar of Life
Dates and places 2020

Sunday 11th July

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