Can you imagine that we all, each of us, possess abilities and attributes which, in a state of low energy cannot be reached and that mankind has lived so long without them that even the names that we had for them can no longer be called to mind?

Can you imagine that, if we could reach these abilities and switch them back on, the structure of your life here on Earth would be drastically changed?

This is what we discovered through serendipity – how to regain these “lost” abilities.

As is it not taught in schools, many people are not aware that our sun is part of a trinary star system. On YouTube, there are many videos about this, such as this one.

The star “Sirius” is actually two suns; one, Sirius A, is about twice the size of our sun (called Sol in astronomy) and the other is a much smaller “brown dwarf” sun, Sirius B, which has burned out. Sirius A and B orbit around each other every 49 years. Our sun and Sirius orbit around each other every 24,000 years give or take a decade or three. The orbits are, however, not circular but elliptical. This means that Sirius and Sol are sometimes nine light years apart and sometimes a “mere” 5 to 3 light years. These are, of course, enormous distances but we talking here about gigantic energy balls the effects of which can readily be measured at more than 20 light years distance.

When Sirius and Sol are furthest from each other, here on Earth energy is at its lowest level; a “Dark Age”. This affects the consciousness of everything and everyone and, at the time of the greatest distance between Sol and Sirius, the year we call 1204 in our European calendar, we see much evidence of this. This was the time at which the papal empire consolidated its rule over the whole of Europe. At this time execution for disagreeing with the papacy was automatic.
In this same period, we see the withdrawal of the Chinese from exploration and world trade and their self-isolation. In between, Genghis Khan brought chaos and destruction to great swathes of the known world. In S. American, several civilisations collapsed without known cause.

As this darkest hour was over, we saw the renaissance, the questioning of the empires which then ruled the world and other signs of the awakening consciousness of humanity.

In this same period, we saw the quasi-spiritual teachings of the various churches and temples being replaced with political ideologies. This, in turn, has been replaced with the first true world religion of the great god called money ruled by the bankers as its high priests.

This was the state of things at the end of the Age of Materialism which ended in 2015.

As daily more people “awaken”. i.e. free themselves from the thought strait-jacket of the previous age and begin to find their way in this new age of community we see, day by day, a steadily more powerful move away from rule by the bankers.

Stress is a term which, although originally used in material physics, has found a use in many areas of our lives. Throughout, the meaning is the same; “insufficient strength for the intended purpose.” Expressed another way, “there is not enough energy available.”

When we say that we are stressed, what we actually mean is, “I haven’t sufficient energy to do everything.” This forces us to take energy away from one task in order to give it to another. Mostly, it is the energy for health and self-development that we take in order to use it for external tasks.

During the age just past, as the energy available to everyone was at its lowest ebb, it is no surprise that almost nothing functioned properly and life expectancy, at 32 years, was at its lowest. As the energy level rose, life expectancy gradually increased.

This is, however, neither a linear progression nor a pretty curve on a graph because, for example, as general wealth rose, people made many mistakes: In the 17th century in Europe, people would eat exclusively meat and ignore the vegetables necessary for human health because meat was perceived as the “food of the aristocracy”. The consequence of this is that life expectancy fell by 5 years compared to the century before and bubonic plague became endemic.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the rising energy made it possible for many improvements to be made in hygiene and nutrition.
It is not that knowledge of these things was not available and their importance unknown but that people simply did not have sufficient energy to make them a part of their lives. It is noteworthy that both the Romans and the Vedans, who each ruled around 1000 years before the lowest energy point, built and maintained these hygiene methods (fresh water supplies and sewage disposal as a prime example). Eight hundred years after the lowest energy point, we build and maintain them again.

It is, of course, well known to me that pharmaceutical medicine, primarily with falsified statistics, takes the praise for the improvements in health but, in fact, they have contributed almost nothing to either general health, life expectancy or increasing intelligence. To the contrary, it is the generally rising intelligence which has enabled a daily growing number of people to see through their scam.

As the world energy rises further, it was to be expected that humanity would make further developments. One sees this very clearly in what has changed over just the last 30 years – the internet, quantum-biophysics, smart-phones, electric cars and much, much more.

What has been missing up to date is sufficient energy to make personal improvements and not just external ones.

The Light Pillar of Life is that which assuages humanity’s hunger.

After only a few weeks, sufficient energy will be available that “stress” will disappear from your life. And what will happen then?

The Light Pillar of Life
Dates and places 2020

Sunday 11th July

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