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It seems to be very apparent that rejuvenation is one of the effects of The Light Pillar of Life.

This, of itself, should be no great surprise…….

According to Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD (one of the world’s leading cell biologists):-

“From my viewpoint as a cell biologist, the human body is fully capable of active life for many hundreds of years.”

The Essenes teach that the natural life expectancy of a human being is 800 to 900 years, of which the first 100 are the most difficult as it is in this time that you must learn to order your feelings – skills that should be taught in school but are, instead, kept hidden.

There are similar teachings to be found in many of the schools of “secret knowledge”. Modern scientific knowledge, i.e. Quantum Biophysics which has been embraced by all branches of science except conventional medicine, clearly supports such claims.

Dentists in Germany complain that many of their patients begin to grow new teeth at around the age of 90! These, then, “have to be” extracted so that the prosthetic teeth will still fit. New teeth twenty years after the completion of the allotted “three score and ten” says a very great deal about true life expectancy.

We have already seen that heavy and sticky problems require a lot of energy to move them. Due to daily stress, the energy needed to do this is used elsewhere. The nett effect is that your body gradually “ages”.

As soon as sufficient energy becomes available, these problems will be processed and released. This is the emotional clearing that everyone goes through in the first few weeks.

Logically, rejuvenation should take begin as soon as sufficient energy for the continuous repair and replacement of your body is made available. This is precisely that which all of us have experienced.

The first thing that we have noticed is a constant in an increase our physical strength, a reduction in reaction times and increase in their precision. Our world-perception has also become more “youthful”.

There are two places on winch you can readily assess anyone’s age: The face and the backs of their hands. You only see your own face occasionally and changes here normally only take place quite slowly although many have noticed that their facial skin becomes softer and more elastic. You see your hands, however, almost constantly no matter what it is that you are daily doing with them. When these are seen to be permanently younger, then you know that something useful is happening to you.


What many of us have experienced is a peeling away of the childhood traumas and conscious as well as unconscious anxieties which have stamped themselves upon our lives.
As these processes unfold, we find ourselves standing, finally, in the middle of our own lives.

This means being whole, complete and well; when that which has pushed us into error no longer exists then our own will is sovereign. It’s a strange feeling, living unburdened.

This is how it happens:-

Live is a dynamic process constantly in movement. In point of fact, the only permanent thing upon this Earth is change. It is change which makes learning and development possible.

To move anything, the application of energy is required. Some things are easy to move and other more difficult. The more energy you have available, the more you can move. You know this yourself – when you feel weary, it is difficult just to climb the stairs. When you are rested and happy, the same stairs are only half so steep. This is also true for thoughts and feelings.

Fundamentally, burdensome and destructive thoughts are very heavy and sticky, i.e. more energy is needed to move them than is necessary for life-affirming thoughts. When the challenges of everyday life leave no energy over to move and to change them, then no improvement is possible and the heaviness pulls you deeper into the mire. It is this which made possible the Age of Materialism which has just past.

(i.e. “whole, complete, safe and sound”)

1) There is a woman who, as a child, was repeatedly subjected to very violent rape. Absolute control became her survival strategy and all previous attempts to release the stored trauma had failed. The Light Pillar of Life brought it straight to the surface and laid her flat for two days. Over the months since being re-connected with her Light Pillar, steadily more pain has been released. She now moves much more flowingly and several people have estimated her age at 35 although she has already celebrated her 50th birthday. The release of the chronic tension has allowed her spine to straighten and she now stands nearly one inch (2.5 cm) taller.

2) Another recipient has lost her habit of worrying about everything and cannot find it anywhere. Her habit of letting money run through her fingers has also dramatically reduced and she now buys only what she actually needs.

3) I had developed two defective heart valves which meant that, for more than a year, I had been unable to continue with my travels around Europe. Both were almost completely repaired within three months which enabled me to start taking the Light Pillar of Life to many hundreds of people around Europe.

The Light Pillar of Life
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